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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.1.1 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 8.1.2

^ Fix a bug with multiple file playlis
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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.2.0 :

+ Add JWPlayer 8 directory, it still need a license key to be load.

^ Upgrade to JW Player 8.2.0

Better Handling of Browser Autoplay Policies

As browser autoplay policies evolve to create a better video experience for viewers, it has become increasingly challenging for publishers, especially those that monetize their content, to ensure consistency. Safari 11 was first to take a strong stance by giving viewers the power to prevent videos from starting automatically.
In JW 8.1, we implemented functionality to pause playback instantly when the browser blocks an autoplaying video. With the impending release of Chrome 66 in April, we invested a lot of time in simplifying the expected behavior so that we can provide viewers the right feedback to know if and when they need to interact with the player to start playing, while also mitigating the impact on our publishers’ ability to monetize their content.
In JW 8.2, the player will react to the combination of the browser’s restrictions and the publisher’s setup configuration by autoplaying with or without sound, or falling back to a click-to-play player.

Core Player

Updated the player to check for browser-level autoplay restrictions.
Updated the player to autoplay with sound if possible, autoplay muted if possible when there are no ads, or autoplay muted ads if autoplayadsmuted: true is set. The player will fall back to click-to-play after exhausting all autoplay options.
Added the ability to start playback from a non-zero position. You can register seek as a function of the ready or playlistItem events, so that the player starts playing from a specific point.
Added support for DASH streams on desktop Safari. NOTE: DASH streams are not supported on iOS Safari, nor with Airplay on desktop devices.
Added user agent detection for UC browser, where previously it was reported as Chrome. UC browser can be detected using the getEnvironment() API.
Implemented licenseResponseFilter for DASH streams and Fairplay. These methods allow customers to modify or access responses from license requests. This is needed for license wrapping implementations.
Added a new API method, getCurrentTime(), which exposes the current time value of content. For on-demand streams, currentTime will be the same as the position. For live or DVR streams, the currentTime will not be modified based on duration or seekable range.
Improved the user experience on mobile devices by allowing the viewer to pause playback of videos that autostart muted without unmuting first.
Expanded media preloading capabilities to preload subsequent media before the current media ends. As is the case with preloading media that will play after an ad break, this behavior will only occur when the preload configuration option is set to metadata (default) or auto. Players with preload set to none won’t load content in the background.

Added the ability to configure when live streams time out. The new liveTimeout configuration option accepts a number. The default, undefined behavior is dependent upon segment length and differs slightly across providers. To configure a stream to never time out, set this value to 0.
Added the ability to modify headers mid-stream with a new licenseRequestFilter configuration option in Fairplay DRM blocks. This option already works with Widevine and Playready.

Added support for TTML captions with DASH streams.
Added a new localization option, localization.copied. The word “Copied” appears as default text whenever a viewer clicks on the link option in the sharing menu. This new option can be used to customize or translate that text.
Improved readability of the live/not live indicator. Instead of an SVG icon, the word “Live” is now plain text, which can be localized with localization.liveBroadcast.
Updated the default text for localization.liveBroadcast from “Live Broadcast” to “Live.”

Added support for the most recent Google Analytics embed type, gtag.js. Older types of embeds are still supported.
The player now marks events sent to Google Analytics nonInteraction: true if they were not manual viewer interactions. This enhancement increases bounce rate accuracy.


Modified and improved adimpression/aderror events to include the full list of wrapped tags.

Google IMA

Passed the results of the autoplay restrictions check to the ad plugin.
Improved the IMA ads UI to account for Google ads with built-in skip buttons, countdowns, etc.
Add maxRedirects configuration, The maximum number of redirects the player should follow before timing out.
Add bids configuration, Enable video player bidding with the given settings and bidders.

Add conditionaladoptout configuration, (VPAID-only) Used to tell the player to not play ads with the conditionalAd attribute inside of the VAST response.
Add podmessage configuration, Text that displays during playback of an ad pod. Use __AD_POD_CURRENT__ to denote the currently playing item in the pod and __AD_POD_LENGTH__ for the total number of ads in the pod.


Add FreeWheel ad plugin.
Updated FreeWheel ad plugin to include URL request parameters noting the stream is live vs VOD.
Added the adLoading parameter to the adError event.
Improved the user experience by making the player click-to-play when the browser suppresses autostart.

IMA, Freewheel
Add loadVideoTimeout configuration, In milliseconds, the maximum amount of time between the VAST XML being returned and the adstart event before timing out.


Add rules configuration, Enable ad rules with the given settings and bidders.


Added a new recommendations interface called Recommendations Shelf, which allows viewers to browse JW Recommended videos throughout the playback experience. This feature, available to all customers with a Recommendations entitlement, will provide more paths for engaging with content that is most relevant to your audiences, ultimately deepening engagement and powering additional monetization opportunities. To enable the shelf, include "displayMode": "shelf" within the related block in your setup configuration. The current overlay interface remains default behavior when displayMode is undefined or set to overlay.
Added a new localization option, localization.close to customize the text of the close button added in the recommendations shelf. The default text is “close.”
Updated the default localization.related text to “More videos.” This localization option affects the Recommendations Shelf button above the control bar in shelf mode, as well as the tooltip and the overlay title in overlay mode.
Updated the default discover icon in the control bar to improve discoverability.
Improved accessibility for the recommendations shelf so that viewers can interact with it using a keyboard or screen reader. Viewers can use the left and right keys to paginate through the shelf and the escape key to close the shelf when not in fullscreen mode.

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.12.13

Core Player

Added support for the most recent Google Analytics embed type, gtag.js. Older types of embeds are still supported.
The player now marks events sent to Google Analytics nonInteraction: true if they were not manual viewer interactions. This enhancement increases bounce rate accuracy.

^ set default Google Analytics script to analytics.js.

^ Most of parameters in the database and XML manifest are renamed without loosing user backend settings,
this to help the php optimization code, for Joomla version older than 1.7 these parameters have to be reset by editing the backend parameters.
^ Plugins script now used setjwparams function.
^ Optimize php code for cleaning frontend characters.
^ Optimize php code for cleaning cdn url.

# Fix an issue in setjwparams function between numerical and boolean comparaison.
# Fix an issue with meta image link when sharing.
# Fix an issue with cdn key head data.

- Remove some old manipulation data associate to JWPlayer 6 (fallback, primary), these parameters are still available to set.
- Remove some old variables associate to JWPlayer 5 (logo, http.startparam, playlist.size, playlist.position, rtmp), these parameters are still available to set in frontend.
- Remove some old deprecated comment lines.
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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.3.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 8.3.0

Core Player

Improved the playback experience by maintaining quality between videos in a playlist. The player starts subsequent videos in an embed with the quality that most closely matches the previous item based on bandwidth comparisons.
Improved the playback experience by preserving the viewers bandwidth estimation and using it to select an initial quality level when playback starts.
Added a new configuration option, defaultBandwidthEstimate, which sets an initial bandwidth estimate in bits for all viewers. To set the highest quality as an initial estimate, reference the highest bitrate from your manifest.
Improved the Auto quality label in the settings menu to also show the quality being played when Auto is selected.
Improved the experience of watching live streams that do not have a DVR window. Instead of the pause icon, which used to pause the stream and resume behind the live edge, the player now features a new stop icon, which resumes from the live edge when playback resumes. The player appears paused on the last frame watched. Note that for visual clarity, small players will display a pause icon in the center of the screen while exhibiting the new stop behavior. Via API, the pause method will achieve the behavior described here, while the stop method will stop playback and put the player in the idle state.
Live streams without a DVR window no longer get behind the live edge, and the live icon is no longer clickable to return to the live edge.
Added a new localization option, .stop for the new stop icon in live mode.
Added right click support via long press on iOS and Android devices. Long pressing displays the JW Player right click menu. The menu automatically fades out within three seconds if not interacted with.
In accordance with GDPR data transparency compliance, added a video information overlay accessible via an option About this video in the right click menu. The viewers Client ID is displayed in the lower right corner, which can be used to request data from JW Player.
Added a new localization, localization.videoInfo, which can be used to localize About this video text in the right click menu.

We are optimizing the click-to-play button to drive more plays for our publishers. Some customers may notice their play button is more stylized than before.
When the player is within range of the live edge, viewers will now see the video position at the end of the timeslider. Previously, a slight gap erroneously implied the viewer was not at the edge.


For Video Player Bidding, expanded the number of possible bidResults to include expanded error tracking.
For Video Player Bidding, added the priceInCents to the adImpression and adError events for all mediation layers.

For Video Player Bidding, created a new mediation option when the SpotX bidder is in use jwpspotx which allows SpotX to act as the primary adserver.
Updated the FreeWheel ad plugin to start sending video playback events to the adserver.
Created a new timeout config option for the IMA ad plugin vastLoadTimeout and extended the default to 10 seconds from 5.

Created a new startOnSeek ad rule. This can be used in conjunction with seek() in lieu of a play event to define a start position and begin playback. This prevents viewers from being bombarded with ads when starting content playback from somewhere other than the contents beginning.
Expanded Video Player Bidding functionality to the VAST plugin. Video Player Bidding was initially only available for IMA plugin.
For Video Player Bidding, created a new mediation layer JWPDFP that combines both existing mediation layers (JWP and DFP), allowing the SpotX bidder to take advantage of the benefits of both mediation layers.

^ If there is not any license code set, the player will fallback to version 6 of the player who is deprecated.

- Remove default license code, since January 2018, JWPlayer require a commercial license for all JWPlayer used, this means :
This release removed the default license key.
Previous default license key will be unset by the end of may 2018.
It s important that your used your own key code as if not, you can meet disrupting service with default code set in the extension.
Another case If you dont have any license code and you meet a disrupting service please contact us.

- Remove compatibility with Joomla 1.5, last version compatible is 4.2.0.
- Remove some old deprecated comment lines.

# Fix check Joomla version when upgrade database
# Fix default player version in php script
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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.3.1 :

* Cleaning embed filename for popup and sharing.

^ Using JForm instead JRequest for joomla 3.x.
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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.4.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 8.4.0

Ad Preloading and Player Error Standardization

It is all too common for viewers to wait several seconds for video advertisements to load—if they load at all—and those that make it through often dont return due to the slow load times.
In JW 8.4, we introduce ad preloading, an optional setting which preloads ad breaks before they play. We are committed to providing publishers and their viewers with a no-buffer video player, no matter what the setup.
This release also introduces new and improved error handling in the player. We have revamped error codes from the ground up to be more comprehensive, descriptive, and consistent.
This will enable faster troubleshooting and programmatic handling of errors by developers. Error codes will now appear in the console with deep links to our new Error Reference documentation organized by category.
Lastly, we are improving error messages shown in the player to be more friendly and informative to the viewer, which we will be rolling out in beta versions over the next few weeks before the release goes into production.

+ Core Player

New player error coding and classification system documented in new Error Reference doc.
Error codes now appear in the developer console with deep links to the Error Reference page.
Error code assignments map to new non-technical, viewer-friendly error messages displayed in the player.
Improved player error display to be responsive to screen width and message length.
Changed structure of error events. Refer to Error Reference.
Added support for entering or exiting full screen on Android devices when a user rotates their device.
Added JW Player custom parameters to links that are shared via the sharing menu, which makes it possible to track plays that result from sharing a video.

Improved media notifications on Android by including poster images and publisher domain names.


Documented our screen reader support in our Accessibility Reference.
Improved menu navigation to conform with accessibility standards; up and down arrows navigate items in a submenu, while tabbing selects different menus.
Added the ability to focus on the time slider (progress bar).
Added screen reader support to read out the current position when focused on the time slider or when seeking.
Added screen reader support to read out the volume when changed.

+ Ads

Created a new configuration property for VAST and IMA, preloadAds, which enables ad preloading for prerolls, midrolls, postrolls in the first playlist item.
Added a viewableImpression event to VAST and IMA based on the IAB definition of viewability, which states that a video must be 50% viewable for at least 2 seconds.
Re-added the fullscreen icon during ad playback at all breakpoints. This was previously removed to conserve controlbar space.
Now passing autoplay/mute status to DFP with VAST.
Improved behavior of the FreeWheel ad plugin with ad blockers by proceeding directly to content rather than waiting for a timeout.

Added a new ad error code (900 / 60007) that gets raised when there is an attempt to load ads on Android 2.3, which is not supported.
Added creativeID from the VAST XML response to the VAST admanager’s adImpression/adError events.
For Video Player Bidding, segmented bidresponsetime by now also reporting the script loading time and the time between adBidRequest and adBidResponse.
Improved Ad loading messaging for the VAST admanager to only show when an actual ad is being loaded.
Improved reporting of Video Player Bidding impression tracking when the DFP mediation layer is used.
Added breakstart and breakend events to Google DAI.
Removed ad countdown and pod count messaging in Google DAI live scenarios to prevent incorrect messaging.

+ Prepare the compatiblity to Joomla 4.
Add new Bootstrap modal popup, compatible with Joomla 3 and 4, beta version.
Add title field for Bootstrap modal popup.
Add a max-width of 4096px in jwbox.css this to be compatible with Cassiopeia Template of Joomla 4.
Use JVERSION to compare Joomla version instead deprecated JVersion class constants in Joomla 4.

+ Change url server update to https.

^ Set default value for xml parameter notes in backend, this for older version than Joomla 3.1.

- Remove some old deprecated comment lines.

# Add some semi-colons missing in jquery.jwbox.js.
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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 4.5.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 8.5.0

Recommendations Widget

Introducing a new user interface for our Recommendations customers: the shelf widget, which dynamically inserts a horizontally-scrolling carousel of thumbnails directly below the player.
In contrast to the in-player shelf, which is only visible on pause and when the viewer manually opens it themselves, the new widget interface is always viewable below the player.
We encourage you to turn on the shelf widget, which will further increase opportunities to display recommendations and drive plays as a result.

Core Player

Added a new recommendations interface, the shelf widget, which will place a recommendations shelf directly below the player, outside of the player’s container by setting related.displayMode to shelfWidget.
Added a new startTime configuration setting for playlist items that will instruct the player to begin playback of the media at the time specified.


Updated ad preloading functionality in the VAST ad plugin to include preloading the preroll of subsequent playlist items.
Added the configuration property bidOnBreaks for Video Player Bidding to the VAST ad plugin.

For FreeWheel ad plugin, added PVRN, VPRN values to the ad request for forecasting purposes.
For FreeWheel ad plugin, started passing afid, and sfid values to the ad request for fallback purposes if the primary Asset ID and Site Section ID fail.
Expanded the on(adsManager) event, which fires when the ad manager is loaded, to IMA. This event can be used to integrate with third-party vendors.

+ Joomla Update system is now fully support, you will just have to set your download ID in the backend of the extension and save it, once done, you will able to upgrade your extension troug the Joomla admin interface without download it first on joomlarulez.com.

You can retrieve your Download ID on Joomlarulez.com : User menu --> Download IDs ( www.joomlarulez.com/download-ids.html ), Generate Download ID there.
You can generate multiple Download IDs.
Each Download ID can only be used for one website only. So if you use your extension on multiple websites and you have the right license, you will have to generate multiple Download IDs, each Download ID can only be used for one website only.
Each Download ID can be used for multiple extensions on the same website. So if you used multiple of our extensions on your website, you will only need one Download ID

- Remove some old deprecated comment lines.
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