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Subscription Plan Map

Here is a map for all our Subscription Plan for JW Player extensions (not AMP Advanced Plugin)

The license price that we negociate with our partners is nearly the same as but include our Advanced Version of our Plugin and module.

All JWPlayer Video products require a license.

We understand that is possible you have already own a license and don't want to buy it twice so you can purchase the Joomla extension alone (JWPlayer Advanced Plan) whitout a commercial license as well, once you have set your own license key, it will unlock all feaures according to the license key version.

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Pricing (Paypal or Crypto)
All plans (expect starter) have -20% on their price if paid with crypto!


(Crypto 31,2€)

99€ / Year
(Crypto 79,2€)
139€ / Year
JW Player Module
JW Player Advanced
(Plugin Module and support)

JW Player Version
8.x, 7.x and 6.x
8.x, 7.x and 6.x
8.x, 7.x and 6.x
JW Player Commercial License
1 x License managed by Joomlarulez
1 x License
Content plays by month
HTML5 Cloud-Hosted player
(JW8.x as default and JW7.x for legacy customer only)
HTML5 Self-Hosted player
* (if JW7.x or JW8.x player is selected it will fallback to CDN Player)
6.x Only
Skins, Google Analytics, JW Analytics,
Social Sharing
, Related Videos
excluding JW Analytics

HLS Adaptive Streaming

DASH Adaptive Streaming

8.x Only
Airplay and ChromeCast
8.x Only

AMP Player (Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Live Event Streaming
Facebook Live Simulcast & DVR

DVR Only, Facebook in option contact us
DVR Only

DRM Playback for HTML5
Widevine, PlayReady & FairPlay

Video Advertising
  • VAST/VPAID Advertising
  • Certified Google IMA Integration
  • Advanced Ad Scheduling
  • Ad Waterfalling
  • Ads-Enabled Mobile SDKs
  • Ads plays by month

10,000 Ads/Month
Compatible with
JWPlatform (formerly Bits on the Run) Solution
Streaming Video Platform
Compatible with
other platform like Cloudfront, Wowza...
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