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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 3.4.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.4.3 :
HLS in HTML5 support in JW Player is currently only for Chrome 34 and above.
We recommend updating to the latest version of Chrome to get the most out of HLS.
Specifically support for High Efficiency Advanced Audio Codec (HE-AAC) was only introduced in Chrome 50.

+ JW 7 : Features
Adaptive bitrate switching for Live, DVR and VOD streams
Extensive support for streams with discontinuities
608 embedded captions
Playback AES encrypted streams over HTTP and HTTPS
AES tokens
ID3 timed metadata
Fast, frame accurate seeking
Audio only streams with MP3 or AAC
MPEG 2 Layer 3 and MPEG 1 Layer 3 for MP3 is supported
HE-AAC in Chrome 50+
H.264 main and baseline profiles
High profile is dependent on hardware

+ JW 7 : Verified Encoders and CDNs
Amazon Web Services
Unified Streaming

+ Add hlshtml configuration option to control use of HLS HTML5.
+ Add files provider.caterpillar.js, jw-icons.woff, jw-icons.ttf

^ JW 7 : Changes

In addition to adding HLS in HTML5, 7.4 has the following updates:
Google IMA ad tags will automatically get duration and video title added to the request url for more enhanced ad targeting.
WebVTT captions are rendered using the native <track> element in Chrome.
Note: Caption styling from player setup is not yet supported with HTML5 video in Chrome. This will be released with JW 7.5.
DASH streams will now play in FireFox 45 and up. Still no reliable Safari support.
Shaka Provider has been updated to version 1.6.5

^ Upgrade to jquery 1.12.4.

- Remove some old deprecated comment lines.
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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 3.5.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.5.0 :

+ JW 7 : DRM and Streaming Improvements

withCredentials can now be added to HLS HTML5 manifest requests by including “withCredentials”: true to a playlist item
Added support for redundant HLS streams in HLS HTML5
Preload options now supported in HLS HTML5
Widevine DRM now functional in Firefox 47+
Fairplay DRM now functional in Safari Desktop
Various fixes/improvements to Playready DRM
Increased speed of Dash quality upswitching

+ JW 7 : Advertising Improvements

Support for ad tag macros with VMAP ad schedule URLs
Different VMAPs can be used on individual playlist items
CreativeView tracking pixels now returned with adCompanions API event
Ad Impression will now return the mediafile type as creative type
Information about ad wrappers will now be exposed with adImpression event

+ JW 7 : Captions Refactor + Accessibility Improvements

VTT positions now supported in Flash and HTML5
Required caption polyfills will be loaded on-the-fly when required (Based on browser support)
“C” keyboard shortcut will now toggle captions display
Change caption appearance/style on the fly with new setCaptions() API
Support for embedded 708 Captions (In HLS HTML5)
Support for VTT positions
Improved screen reader support with Aria implementation (Credit to francoismassart)

+ JW 7 : Changes

Providers will now be loaded separately only when required
New default "Seven" Skin
CC button will show active color whenever captions are not off
Skinning model improvements/cleanup
Adaptive streaming qualities now ordered in API and menus based on bandwidth
A single ad error will no longer error out an entire ad pod

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.6, metatag for FB sharing, antislash in folderlist.

- Remove some old deprecated comment lines.
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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 3.6.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.6.1 :

JW Player 7.6 has a mobile optimized design for displaying recommended content during and after a video ends.
This new overlay is called “Next Up” and retains all of the functionality the related overlay.
Next Up pairs seamlessly with feeds from JW Platform to allow your viewers to continue watching and discovering great content.

+ Added support for embedded 608 captions in HLS streams for Microsoft Edge.

^ Updated design for showing recommended and related content.
^ Updated style for video titles wrapping in related video overlay.
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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 3.7.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.7.4 :

JW Player 7.7 has a new interface for displaying playlist content and a new flow for transitioning into discovery mode to showcase recommended content.
The tile layout introduced in JW 7.6 will now also be used to display curated playlist content, replacing the visual playlist in the controlbar.
After the last playlist item, if there are JW Platform powered recommendations, the UI will transition seamlessly into discovery mode which continuously recommends new videos to help viewers discover new content.

This release also enhances the controlbar UI with a new default rewind 10 second element, a new “Next Up” button which shows a tooltip for the next video to be played when hovered over,
and the option for the Next Up element to display before the next video begins.

+ JW 7 : New in Streaming and DRM

H.264 video and aac audio encoded HLS streams are now supported in HTML5 in Firefox
Updated to a new DASH library that will start faster as well upswitch qualities quicker
Multi-period streams are now supported
Support for custom functions when requesting key and certificates for Apple FairPlay Streaming
Added the ability to set custom HTTP headers for Widevine and PlayReady key requests

+ JW 7 : New Playlist Overlay and Next Up Changes

Added the ability to flip through pages of feeds in both curated playlist and discovery mode within the Next Up video overlay
New configuration options to set localization text for Next Up and Playlist overlay title
New Next Up tooltip will show the playlist item or the next recommended item
Updated the icon used for related dock items to be consistent with playlists
Added a nextupoffset that can be used to trigger a moment in the video to display the Next Up item. The default value is 10 seconds before the item ends.

+ JW 7 : New in Advertising
No longer using IMA 3 Flash SDK, all IMA ads will render using the HTML5 IMA SDK

^ JW 7 : Changes

Improved compatibility with RequireJS
When the player errors, a viewer can now access the playlist overlay and navigate to new content
Ability to set the minimum configurable length for when DVR controls are enabled
Removed previous button from controlbar
Created a new 30 second seek back icon and controlbar element
Right-click menu will automatically close after 3 seconds
MP3 audio is no longer supported in HLS HTML5:
TS files that include video and mp3 audio will have audio removed
Segmented MP3 files and TS files that use the mp3 audio codec will not play

- Remove polyfills.vttcue.js file
- As of JW7, integrated Site Catalyst support has been removed. Events can still be tracked using the JW Player API and Site Catalyst's event tracking pings. Further information can be found on Adobe's site
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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 3.8.0 :

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.8.6 :

In JW Player 7.8 HLS will be played in HTML5 as default in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge without the need to set a separate configuration.
This update comes on the heels of Chrome updating to turn all Flash into click-to-play.
JW 7.8 also adds support for autoplay on mobile, including a new interface element to unmute autostarted videos on mobile, as well as a FreeWheel advertising plugin.

Please Note: Since the player will now be rendering HLS streams in HTML5 in most browsers,
we suggest that you make sure the CORS headers on the domains hosting your streams are set up properly to allow your domain access.
Otherwise, your HLS streams may fail to play. Please see our Cross-domain File Loading support article for more information.

+ JW 7 : Streaming Updates

Added failover support to load the player via HTML5 when Flash is chosen as the primary setting but is blocked or not available
Added support for multiple audio track renditions using #EXT-X-MEDIA and TYPE equal to AUDIO in HTML5.
Added support for subtitles in HTTP Live Streaming using WebVTT with #EXT-X-MEDIA and TYPE equal to SUBTITLES in HTML5
Improved time to switch to a higher quality.
Updated UI to show bitrate when multiple adaptive qualities with the same width are present.

+ JW 7 : FreeWheel HTML5 Integration

Created built in FreeWheel Ad Manager for HTML5.
Added support for all primary use cases around ad formats, pre/mid/post-roll slots, analytics, Javascript creatives (Flash creatives are not supported).

+ JW 7 : Mobile Autoplay and UI

Added support for inline autoplay while muted on iOS and Android
Added mute/unmute button to controlbar on mobile
Provided the configuration autoplayadsmuted:true to allow ads to autoplay muted on mobile
Updated sharing overlay for improved usability at smaller player sizes

+ JW 7 : Sharing Overlay

Created small player and mobile-friendly overlay that scales based on player size
Removed video title that was previously being truncated for most title lengths
Removed Iframe/embed icon and text from overlay to reduce clutter
Removed URL text to reduce clutter in favor of a button that copies the URL

^ Used Classic xml list selection for JWPlayer version in backend, since folderlist Joomla issue hasnt been resolved since 3.6.0...

- Remove provider.caterpillar.js file
- Remove some old deprecated comment lines.
- Remove old code lines refer to vimeo as it's a deprecated product.
- Remove JWPlayer 5 as it's a deprecated product.
- Remove iscroll menu and library as it's a library attached to jwplayer 5 which is a deprecated product.
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Upgrade !!

Changelog JW Player Plugin Advanced 3.9.0 :

+ PHP 7.1 support, PHP mimimum 5.2.4.

^ Upgrade to JW Player 7.9.1.

In JW 7.9, the UI has been updated to embrace small player sizes on mobile and desktop.
Additionally, the Casting feature has been overhauled to handle both Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s Airplay.
Lastly, support for playback of 360 Video has been added - no additional plugin required.

+ UI Updates

Improved usability of controls at small player sizes:
Moved the timeslider above (instead of inline) the control bar buttons to make the timeslider more functional and reduce clutter in the control bar.
Moved the Play/Pause, Rewind, and Next buttons onto the player view.
Moved dock buttons closer to the top right corner.
Updated the controlbar during ad playback to have a fixed height and fit ad text in a single line.
Removed the video description text that was visible before media playback starts.
Display a countdown instead of the current time and duration at player sizes below 320px.
Added a configuration option timeSliderAbove that moves the timeslider above the control bar buttons at all player sizes.
Updated player controls on mobile so that users can tap on the view to hide/show the controls while paused to facilitate taking screenshots of the content being watched.
Overhauled premium skins to provide better consistency.

+ Casting Updates

JW 7.9 no longer uses the custom receiver application hosted by JW Player.
Instead, once casting is enabled the player will connect to the default receiver application hosted by Google.
Because of this, you no longer need to register an application ID with Google and all existing setups will function correctly.

The following changes have also been implemented:

AirPlay is now supported in Safari and iOS from within the Player.
Cast configuration options have been removed from the Dashboard.
Non VP9 DASH streams can be cast to Cast enabled devices.

+ Advertising Updates

Added configuration option vpaidcontrols for VPAID ads to force the controlbar to show.

+ Streaming Updates

Added support for Azure’s PlayReady AES functionality.
Performance improvements to HLS in HTML5.
Added support for playback of 360 Video. Both magic window and VR modes are supported when streaming a spherical 360-degree video.
Updated FreeWheel slot-end event handling.

- Remove some old deprecated comment lines.
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