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Simple Faq and How-To

Joomlarulez was founded in February 2009 by a team of internet passionate with over 20 years of online experience from non-benefit and association website. The office is based in France

Fabien M., CEO, Webmaster and Progammer
Fabien manage since 1999 a non-benefit website dedicate to music. During the evolution of this website he meet Joomla and start build specific extensions for this website. After some users requests he decide to share his works and knowledge in a open-source compagny.

Delphine P., Webdesigner
Delphine is an Artistic Director in a edition company in France. She will sooner release for Joomlarulez some new fresh skins fo JW Player.

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Here is a map for all ou Subscription Plan

What we call a commercial website is define here :

All LongTail Video products require licenses when used commercially, Examples of commercial use include :

(1) websites with any advertisements
(2) websites owned or operated by corporations
(3) websites designed to promote other products, such as a band or artist

Here is a non-exhaustive RoadMap for our Advanced Module and Plugin, if you have another idea feel free to suggest us by mail, mp or by the forum.
Note that all this information are not a sign contract, we are free to add or remove some upgrade at any time


We want to make public our policy on refunds so that there is no confusion.

All our sales are final and no refunds will be given. As all of our products are digital software, delivered instantly once payment is received it is impossible for you to return a product to use for a refund.

If you find a bug in our software, you can report it in the forum and we will fix it in the next version. Finding a bug is not a reason to request a refund.

We do not issue refunds if:

  • You just change your mind

  • You choose not to use our product

  • You find that our product doesn't suit your needs (We have basic plugin and module available and a demo website for you before purchasing)

However, we understand that it is impossible for us to test our software on every platform and every configuration it may encounter on other servers. Therefore if you are unable to get our software up and running on your server in the first 30 days after purchasing the software then please contact us and we will do everything within our knowledge and experience to get our software to work on your server.

If we fail to achieve this we will happily give you a refund or exchange the product for a new product. You will need to provide us with full access to your FTP, MySQL and Joomla Admin consoles in order for us to debug and install the software, if you cant give us this access then we will not be able to give you a refund.

Please also read our License Conditions.

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