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Our module and plugin is based on JW Player created by
JoomlaRuleZ is an official Reseller of JW.

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  • Lightning-fast, engineered for video
    A smarter, lighter player that loads just what you need, and nothing you don't. That means faster web pages, immediate playback, and happy viewers.
  • Powered by JW Player, designed by you
    Updated, modern skin with clean, mobile-optimized design to promote viewer interaction. JW8 also packs in 4x the customization options to fit your brand.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, JW Player gives you limitless possibilities.
    Slick, modern design plus eight beautiful CSS skins. Responsive design, floating player. Cloud-Hosted or Self-Hosted. Live and on-demand adaptive streaming support. Airplay and Google Chromecast Ready, Single-click sharing to Facebook and Twitter.Compatible with AMP (Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages)Easy integration with Google Analytics. Ads Ready. Related Videos, Captions, HD Switching and our all-new Video Analytics.
    These are just some of the awesome features we built-into the player. Want full control? JW Player is completely customizable with our CSS skinning model and renowned JavaScript API. Come join our world-class developer community today.

Discover the JW Player

Deliver Your Videos Seamlessly, Instantly, Everywhere.

With the fastest feature-rich video player, you can be confident that your videos will start quickly and stream smoothly every time, keeping viewers engaged. That’s why JW Player is the most popular online video player on the planet, reaching 1 billion unique viewers each month.



image Match the look-and-feel of your site

Great user experiences keep users engaged with your content and brand on any platform. JW Player’s built-in UI options for engagement and sharing make a ‘sticky’ experience easy to create.

Choose from default skins or easily customize JW Player’s look and feel to match your brand. Plus, publish to OTT via the web and app stores, with cross-platform consistency, minimal investment and full backend control.

FCC-compliant captions, responsive players with touch-optimized UIs, and retina CSS skinning keep your video experiences fresh and accessible anywhere.

New Responsive UX

Reach viewers everywhere

The JW Player is performance tested on the world’s most popular desktop and mobile browsers to ensure that viewers get your video, not buffering delays. Whether on Windows, Android, or iOS, in IE or the latest version of Chrome, JW Player makes sure that a viewer can access your content seamlessly, anywhere.


HTML5 Support

image The best viewing experience, every time

With a single HTML5 video player that renders quickly and beautifully on every desktop and mobile browser, the JW Player consistently delivers the best viewing experience. Plus, you have the flexibility to incorporate powerful video recommendations, social sharing, and SEO features, and to build fully customized interfaces using our API. Your viewers will get the same seamless video experience everywhere.


Super-charge your player with features

In response to popular demand, we integrated our most popular plugins into the new JW Player itself. Now when you get JW Player 8, you also get Social Sharing, Related Videos, Google Analytics Plugin, Captions, HD Switching, and more.
All these features have been totally updated for JW Player 8, plus you'll get our all new Video Analytics. As always, JW Player 8 lets you create playlists, skin your player, and extend it using our Javascript API. With its comprehensive integrated feature set, JW Player 8 is ready to rock and roll, right out of the box!



image Streaming, CDN support and more

Market leading HLS support across HTML5 desktop and mobile browsers plus Android and iOS apps so you don’t have to worry about multiple video formats.
Get the fastest startup and highest quality playback for your viewers — With HLS & DASH support, your viewers will see beautiful live or on-demand video on iOS, Android and all desktop browsers.

Stream live or VoD with ease. Provide viewers with multiple audio tracks, 608/708 captions, ID3 metadata & AES encryption. Plus, the JW Player auto-adjusts video quality to available bandwidth for great viewer experience and retention.

JW Player supports Clearkey, Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady DRM. We also support Apple Fairplay through our iOS SDK and Google Widevine through our Android SDK.


Auto-updating configurable cloud players

The web today is changing faster than ever as modern browsers update every four weeks. Stay on top of these changes with cloud-hosted players that are always up-to-date with fixes and features. Deploy a video player once and have the control to change style, add new functionality, and even set the player to a beta channel to see a sneak peek of the bleeding edge. Our cloud players leverage multiple CDNs to ensure fast delivery around the entire world with high availability.


The license price that we negociate with our partners is nearly the same as but include our Advanced Version of our Plugin and module.

All JWPlayer Video products require a license.

We understand that is possible you have already own a license and don't want to buy it twice so you can purchase the Joomla extension alone whitout a commercial license as well.

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Two solutions to embed JW Player™ in Joomla! 4.x and 3.x

  • JW Player Advanced - You want to embed a cool HTML5 responsive player in your article or within a module ? JW Player Advanced is the best and most flexible solution available! Whatever the JW player can do our extension can do it! and we add features that the JW Player can't do alone: like a playlist editor, mutliple playlist capabilities, auto generated playlist, pop-ups with Modal, jquery or highslide and so on!.
    It include a powerful pack of extension (Plugin + Module) with a lot of parameters, beautiful CSS skins and many extended features such as floating player, video sharing, analytics, SEO Optimization, and Ads and is Airplay and Google Chromecast Ready.
    Our extension support a large range of hosting server : Self-Hosted, JW Platform,Wowza, Akamai, Adobe FMS, Tizen, DASH, HLS, Facebook Live, Amazon Cloudfront, Microsoft Azure.
    The player support screen reader and is GDPR compliant and now is AMP ready (Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • AMP Advanced Plugin this content plugin is a cross media platform, it support Joomla 3 and 4.
    This plugin allows you to embed any media content supported in your Joomla posts
    • Any Audio and Video support by HTML5
    • Facebook Video and post
    • Twitter Tweet
    • Vimeo Video
    • Youtube Video
    • Soundcloud clip and playlist
    • Instagram embed
    • JW Player platform
    It's based on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) cloud hosted library shared by Google and dev by these websites, it's by the way compatible with AMP requirements (speed up your website loading) but still readable by any desktop and mobile browsers, it used AMP component framework.
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