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Video, Online Video Platform solution

Bits on the Run - Online Video Platform

Video is based on JWPlatform (formerly Bits on the Run), a LongTail Video product, is an easy to use and affordable platform for video streaming, hosting and transcoding.

Why Sign Up With Video

  • 100% risk-free trial; no credit card required
  • After your trial, select a package option then by monthly or by quarter, you will receive invoices based on your usage statistics.
  • Volume discounts available
  • Have a partner who knows perfecly JW player Product, Botr product AND Joomla CMS.
  • Always have your Joomla extension up to date.
  • NEW !! Including JW Player ADs (Google IMA or VAST/VPAID)


  • Upload and host your entire video library
  • Convert videos to various quality levels. Supports FLV & H.264
  • Integrated with the JW Player and LongTail’s ad streaming products
  • Automatically optimizes video quality based on your user’s bandwidth
  • All videos streamed from our global Content Delivery Network (CDN) or your own CDN
  • Built-in video analytics system or integration with your Google Analytics account available
  • Including JW Player ADs (Google IMA or VAST/VPAID) 500* xGB (Platform Usage Tiers) ad impressions per month

Key Features

High-Quality Video

Publish better-than-DVD quality videos. No plugin installation needed. Instant playback and seeking without download. Stream to iTunes, set-tops, phones and consoles.

Easy Workflow

Upload video of any format, size and duration. Point and click to set previews, build players and generate reports. Embed videos and playlists with one line of HTML or use our Joomla Plugin and module.

Custom Video Players

Control the look, layout and behavior of your video players. Enable full screen. Create skins to perfectly blend players within your site.

Effective Advertising

Make money by serving ads in your videos. Sign up with your ad network of choice. Deploy regular display ads as pre-rolls or post-rolls. Insert targeted textlinks (AdSense for Video).

Flexible Playlists

Line up videos to setup online TV channels. Auto-generate playlists by date, subject or popularity. Publish playlists in a player or as RSS feeds (podcasts!).

Payment method

Low-cost service. Pay each month or quarter. Learn more.

FTP Batch Uploads

Use FTP to upload large videos or batches to Bits on the Run. Any FTP client can be used, file resuming is supported and your FTP login is the same as your JWPlatform (formerly Bits on the Run) Dashboard login.

CMS Integrations

We use our System API to build video management capabilities into your own website or CMS. Our custom Joomla plugins and module make the integration seamless :

Universal Players

Publish your player with a single line of embed code and watch as it work seemlessly in both Flash and HTML5. Sit back and watch videos on your desktop or from a mobile platform such as the iPad, iPhone and Android - we've taken care of the cross-platform and multi-device support.

JW Player Ads

NEW !! Including JW Player ADs (Google IMA or VAST/VPAID) 500* xGB (Platform Usage Tiers) ad impressions per month

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