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How to install your Skin?

How to configure and install your skin ?

If you want to build and install your own skin or install one of the premium skin (JW 6.x Professional Pack), you have to follow those steps.

Important !!! : You must have before install our Joomla extension(s) (JW Player Plugin Advanced and/or JW Player Module Advanced) before install the skin.

You can find these here :

Then once the extension(s) is (are) install follow those steps :

Step 1, Understanding the "skin" :

JW Player skins change the appearance of the player, adding a custom layer to your player embeds. All visual components of the player (the controlbar, display, tooltip, dock and playlist) can be skinned.

Here are a few examples of a skinned player. These 8 skins are included in the Pro, Premium and Ads editions of JW Player 6:



Technically, a JW Player skin consists of an XML file that contains a number of settings (e.g. the color of the tooltip texts) and a number of links to PNG images (e.g. for the play button).

Like with CSS, the PNG files can be stored as base64 encoded strings in the XML file. This speeds up delivery and makes managing the skin easier, since there's only 1 file, we strongly encourage this solution.

Step 2, Getting A skin :

There are two ways to get a skin for your player:

  • The Pro, Premium and Ads editions of JW6 include a pack of 8 skins maintained by us. You are free to use these skins on your website(s) and to modify these skins (by editing the XML and PNG images), those skins can be directly select in the backend of the extension (Professional Skin list) as they are centrally host by Longtail video, Step 3 and 4 can be ignore.
  • If you are proficient with an image editor (like Photoshop), designing and packaging your own JW Player skin is straightforward. See Building JW Player Skins for more info, Step 3 and 4 have to befollow once the skin is made.

Step 3, Install the skin (Only for custom Skins) :

After downloading (or packaging) the skin of your choice, you have to upload it to your webserver (by FTP) , so the skin can be added to your player embeds.

The pathway :


Step 4, Configuring the Joomla extension (Only for custom Skins) :

Then you have to set in the joomla extension that you want to use this skin (or another one you have uploaded),
for that you have to edit the extension in the backend, then in the menu "Layout" set the Radio button "Type of Skin" to "XML 6.x" and after set the "XML 6.x Skin" List to the skin you want.


Note : With the Joomla Plugin , you can override in frontend the default skin with those shortcodes :

  • If the skin is correctly upload in the xml directory indicate below, then use this code :
  • If the skin is place anywhere else on your server, then use this code :
  • If the skin is a premium skin and you have a premium license set, then use this code :


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